Friday, February 25, 2011

Status Updates

Attorney: I emailed questions to the paralegal who talked with Scott yesterday. I have about 10 billion questions, but (I promise)I kept my email short. I heard back from her pretty quick (I like that customer service). Let's call her Ruth for her privacy. Ruth said that she has mailed our profile letter along with others for this mother to review. She does not anticipate it taking long for the mother to make a decision since she is due in April. Ruth said that she would not normally let us know that she is sending out our profile. People tend to get prematurely excited if they know every step along the way, but had to contact us to determine if we were willing to consider the yearly visitations requested by the mother. I am glad to know that Ruth has us on her mind and is actively showing our profile. She sounded like she was rooting for us.

Finding a Pediatrician: I have asked around and have the name of a female doctor who was recommended by several trusted people in different spheres of my life. The office said for adopted babies it is best to wait until the baby is here to do an interview with the doctor. One of my pregnant friends is going to interview this doctor next month for her daughter and will let me send questions with her.

Room Preparation: We have chosen a color for the one wall that we are going to paint. It is called "Chocolate Sundae" and looks like fudge. Also I allowed myself to look at cribs and found one that I am very happy with. Maybe the Easter bunny will get it for me!

Needed: I am looking for a book on raising an adopted child that covers topics like bonding, talking about adoption and where babies come from. Also I would love to find any children's books from infant to school age that help kids learn about adoption.



  1. This is so wonderful and filled with hope. We will continue praying that the right thing happens at the right time. Two adoption themed books that come to mind for young children are All Together Now, by Anita Jeram, and A Blessing From Above, by Patti Henderson. The second one is even more adoption-centered and is SO precious. I'm sure there are loads of others. Also on a side note, when you do become parents you will love United Ways Imagination Library--they mail you a free book each month until your child starts school. Mail we always look forward to! :)

  2. Just popped onto Amazon and ordered "A Blessing From Above," by Patti Henderson as well as "God Found Us You," by Lisa Tawn Bergren. Thanks, Amanda!