Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awesome Things Our Kid Needs.

So as I search the internet for all the things that a child must have, I have found some pretty cool things like the Boon Bendable Spoon. You bend it to fit your munchkin's needs as they learn to feed themselves. Even better? The bendable SPORK!

Then I think back to my childhood. I loved bath time. I had this awesome Tupperware Noah's Ark. I wonder if I could find one now? I only had the ark, Mr and Mrs. Noah and the pairs of animals. Not the extra people. Are those the sons or the sinners? hmmmm?

Then there is Brio and Lego. I had Legos for only a short time before they were sucked up into the vaccuum. Sad times. I wish I had had Brio trains. Thankfully Scott has a stash of these and Legos at his mom's house. I hope he will let me play with them unlike his action figures that I am not allowed to touch.

I realize that none of this would be useful for some time, but fun to look at and bind the time well while we wait.

Next step is to get a pediatrician lined up. I don't really know where to start on that one. I guess with my insurance. What does one look for in a pediatrician? Location? Availability? Size of practice? More on that search later.

Off to cuddle a friend's baby!


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  1. First of all, I love the ark! I had one just like it! I, likewise, did not have the extra people; maybe they don't really come with the set.

    Secondly, there are two mamas in my office who both recommended the same pediatrician. And guess what? She's in East Ridge! Check to see if Dr. Jenny Jung is on your approved list for insurance. Her office is with the McClellan group right next to Parkridge East. I think I'll set up an interview with her soon. Better yet, do you want to team up for the interview? We may come up with more questions together, and we'll save her some time.