Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things I Have Learned Through Infertility

  1. It is okay to feel sad, angry, lonely, or jealous. But not okay to let those feelings consume you or define you.
  2. Ice cream with friends makes things a little brighter.
  3. Having friends who take you out for ice cream after failed fertility treatments are WONDERFUL.
  4. It is okay to say no to invitations to baby showers or other events. The friends and family who love you will understand. Those who don’t, don’t really matter.
  5. Laughter is good. Laughter about dark or sad things is even funnier.
  6. My husband and God love me more than I always understand.
  7. It does not make me less of a woman, no matter what the monologue in my head says.
  8. I am not the only one who is or has gone through this. More people than you know or imagine have experienced being reproductively challenged. You just need to reach out.
  9. It is good to be busy.
  10. You will reach a point where occasionally you won’t be thinking about it or counting days since ovulation. That still doesn’t mean you will get pregnant, despite what “they say.”
  11. People without children get to stay out late, sleep in, be spontaneous, go on overnight trips, go to movies, spend money on themselves, take dance lessons, go on dates, takes naps, buy Nerf guns to have battles in the living room, buy Legos just because they are cool, watch DVDs uninterrupted, and eat whatever they want.

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