Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Adventure Begins

Scott and I have been married for 5 years now. We have gathered around ourselves a wonderful network of family and friends. We've settled in our house and we are working hard in our jobs. We are now ready to grow our nuclear family. We have decided to do this through adoption.

Adoption Step 1: Overcome fears and insecurities and call attorney's office to discuss how to get started. Check. Spoke with the attorney's office and they said find a child and then call us to do the legal work. Okay we can do that.

Adoption Step 2: Prepare a "Dear Birth Mother" letter and Family Profile. Almost check. We've spent the past week gathering photos and compiling our profile. We need to revise it into an attractive document and then send it to the attorney with a cover letter specifying our desired child.

Adoption Step 3: Network with EVERYONE to let them know. This is scary. This is where the blog comes in. This is to let everyone we know and everyone they know that we are looking for our baby. Somewhere out there there is, or there will be, our little one who is waiting for us to find him or her. We are looking for an infant under 12 months old who is healthy and needing a home.

Adoption Step 4: Once our little one is found, complete the "home study." This is the state-required assessment on whether we would be acceptable parents. No worries there. Although I hope they don't check to see if I regularly dust the top of my fridge. This includes background checks, interviews, psychological testing and confirmation that we have a roof over our heads and space for a baby. This would be the first expense of the process. Once completed the home study is good for 12 months.

So keep us in your prayers and in your mind as you go about your lives. If you hear of someone who has decided not to parent their infant, please pass on our name and contact information.


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  1. I am keeping up with this blog and am so excited for both of you. I have so much love in my heart for you two, and even more as I get to know you better through these awesome, tender, and eye-opening blogposts. Thanks for sharing, and the very best of luck to you!